Earn & Burn

Welcome to the PumSwap Exchange Platform


You can earn PUM token from farming & staking PUM_LP. So many farms will be available on our own dex platform PumSwap.You can provide Liquidity then you will get PUM_LP token you can stake or farms.


All farms take a 2.5% burn when you stake (except farms including PumSwap (PUM) token) 2% will be used to purchase PumSwap (PUM) token and burn them all The rest of 0.5% will be sent to the developer’s address Partnership with other project or farmers Use for other Audit, social contests and advertisement.


Transaction fee during staking and will be used to buy PumSwap (PUM) token and burn them all. The current transaction fee is lower than usual DeFi which is set as 2.5% only. If token price is stable enough, we can set deposit fee lower than now.