General FAQ

Welcome to the PumSwap Exchange Platform

Who is the team behind PumSwap?

PumSwap is a community-owned project created and developed by a group of passionate developers. All of the code is open-sourced and available on Github for contributions. The core aspect and development of Friction Finance was complete at launch and is now up to the community to help expand the project.

What is the difference between Staking and Farming?

STAKING: In order to stake your $PUM you don't need anything else than... well... $PUM

FARMING: In order to farm you need to provide liquidity to one of the pools on the farming page and then stake your LP tokens.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one to choose is up to your strategy.

How do I connect my wallet to PumSwap?

In order to connect your wallet you have to click on the "Unlock Wallet or Connect" button on the top-right corner of the page. After that, look for the wallet you want to connect to PumSwap and click "Connect". Approve the connection and you're good to go.

When will be open Farms & Pools?

Farms & Pools will be open after the launch PumSwap DEX trading platfor. Dex Trading platform will be launch within 1 month after the ICO sale

Join the announcements spanTwitter & Telegram Community to be the first that finds out.

What is the max supply of PUM?

Max Supply Is 300,000,000 PUM