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Welcome to the PumSwap Exchange Platform

PumSwap Add Liquidity Details & View

PumSwap Dex Exchange platform is a decentralized exchange or DEX created for swapping BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, ERC20 tokens on Ethereum with KIP20 tokens on the OkexChain Network.

You can add liquidity any token or coin after the exchange platform launch

Dex trading will be launch within 1 month after the end of all ICO stage.

How To Add Liquidity?

  1. Change & Add Metamask Chain
  2. Select a network such as ETH, BSC & OKT Mainnet.
  3. Go to Add Liquidity & Connect with metamask
  4. Select PumSwap token or others coin/token with another coin/token you want to add liquidity. Remember, The amount of value on both sides must be equal.
  5. Approved PUM token & also approved others coin/token which coin/token you want add for liquidity. Now you can supply your liquidity.
  6. After approved supply transection you will get Pum_LP token for staking or farming

Add Liquidity