Welcome to the PumSwap Exchange Platform

Two type of Pre-Sale will be live

  1. Testnet Pre-Sale
  2. Mainnet Pre-Sale

Testnet Pre-Sale

Testnet Pre-Sale will be live on 15 October 2021.Testnet pre-sale for tasting our pre sale proccess.You can add testnet binance smart chain using through metamask. Testnet pre-sale will be ends on 25 October 2021. Testnet tokens you can use only for testing you can't transfer testnet token any exchanger or dex swap.

Mainnet Pre-Sale

Mainnet Pre-Sale will be live on 27 October 2021. Mainnet Token you can transfer & use this token for trade or swap. Mainnet Token will be live on our own DEX & others decentralized/centralized exchangers.

  1. Mainnet Pre-Sale Starting Date: (27 October 2021)
  2. Mainnet Pre-Sale Token price is 1 PUM = 0.00005 BNB
  3. Mainnet Pre-Sale will be live for: 30 Days

Bonus For Mainnet Pre-Sale Investors

Investors of presale who had bought minimum amount of 1 BNB will be enlisted to drawing list.Total $10,000 USDT reward pool. Take snapshote for 3 winner randomly.Winners will be announced 3 working days after the PumSwap DEX Trading platform launch.

  1. First Winner: $5000 USDT
  2. Second Winner: $3000 USDT
  3. Third Winner: $2000 USDT